Tank & Tucker

2010 was a bad year - I lost two much loved "pups" within six months of each other. JD was an 11 year old Chocolate Lab and Max was a 15 year old Bearded Collie. Because I was set to retire in mid-2011 I questioned the wisdom of getting another dog. You know all the reasons; without a dog it's easier to pick up and travel, the house stays cleaner longer, the lawn doesn't have brown spots. Ha! I made it for a week. Tank arrived first. He was an 8 month old, 80 pound mellow lunk from a great breeder in Colorado, Muddy Marsh Labradors. He actually slept through his first vet visit! Rehoming was necessary because only one testicle had descended and he couldn't be bred or shown. Tucker arrived last April - different breeder and a very different dog. Fast and Furious, shades of Marley and Me! They are my painting buddies, lying next to my easel and never critiquing.
October 8, 2011 It is snowing! The boys played hard all morning and now they are napping with their babies and blankies. Just like real kids!
October 13, 2011 So You Think You Want a Lab? Yes, they are great dogs but not for everyone. Labs take about 3 years to mature. Having a small puppy for a couple of months is one thing - having an 85 pound dog that will act like a puppy for 36 months is something else and a prime reason why so many end up in pound. Take a look at the picture below. So cute I couldn't get mad. The two dogs dug half of the dirt out of the veggie tub and then played "king of the hill" in it. Tucker was on to something else by the time I found my camera.